Fostering sustainable futures in research and higher education

Dr. Thomas Koch

Training, coaching and consulting in research management

Building on more than 20 years of hands-on experience as a researcher and research manager, I provide training, coaching and consulting services for researchers and research institutions to promote researcher development, design effective funding strategies and facilitate organisational change.

The basis of my work is open-mindedness and mutual respect, and I firmly believe that cooperative working relationships with my clients create the most resourceful solutions.

  • Researcher development

To support and promote personal and professional development, I provide in-house workshops and individual coaching for researchers – from late-stage doctoral candidates to newly appointed professors.

My focus is on research leadership, research funding and career management.

  • Funding strategies

To create effective research and research funding strategies and build research capacity, I provide consulting services for individual researchers, research groups and collaborative research initiatives.

This includes the preparation of grant applications to funding bodies, both in Germany and at the European Research Council (ERC).

  • Organisational change

To promote institutional excellence in research, I facilitate organisational change processes by supporting the creation and implementation of research-based institutional and functional strategies.

This includes researcher development, knowledge and technology transfer, and research support services.